How do I know shopping with AMWRAP is safe? Our online store has the necessary SSL certificates to make shopping with us safe. You will notice it is an https site and you will see a small padlock in the address bar. All of our pages throughout our website use SSL encryption – not just the checkout process.

How can I keep my account details safe? If you’re using a shared or public computer it is best to log out of your account when you’ve finished shopping. Take a look at our privacy policy too.

Is my personal data safe if I create an account? Yes your data is safe. GDPR-compliant features are built into our store. See our privacy policy for more details.

What are ‘phishing’ (spoof) emails and what should I do if I receive one? Phishing emails are emails that pretend to be from companies to try and gain sensitive information from you such as account, credit card or bank details. They may attempt to copy the look and style of that company in order to commit identity fraud. We will never ask you in an email to send AMWRAP any personal information, bank account or credit card information (including PIN numbers) or your AMWRAP account password. If you do receive an email which you believe to be a phishing email please contact Action Fraud, the national fraud and cyber crime reporting centre.

How do I reset my password? When you go to log in, input your email address and then click ‘forgot your password?’ which will take you through the necessary steps in order to reset it.